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ErrorFix Review
Will It Boost Performance?

ErrorFix ReviewIt's not your typical registry cleaner software... instead, ErrorFix is presented as a "PC Optimizer" package.

Because it's aimed at a broader market than typical registry cleaners, we wanted to see if it could really help you stop the errors on your computer and clean your registry.

Let's see if ErrorFix registry cleaner will boost your PC's performance:

ErrorFix At A Glance

ErrorFix Review

Ease Of Use ErrorFix Review
Speeds Up PC ErrorFix Review
Features ErrorFix Review
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Our Overall Rating:

ErrorFix Review


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ErrorFix Review - First Glance

It must be stated that the ErrorFix registry cleaner has been produced by the same people who make RegTool. Considering we awarded RegTool 5 stars, let's see where ErrorFix was let down:

After you download, install and start ErrorFix screen for the first time, it's resemblance to the RegTools appearance is uncanny. And it appears the features are exactly the same as well:

ErrorFix Review

Like it's close cousin, this registry cleaner tool allows you to select from many different options on the home screen. Everything from missing fonts to invalid shortcuts are covered - you just need to tick the boxes and click on "Scan Now" to make the box search your computer.

As you can see below, the ErrorFix registry tool has features such as Backup & Restore, Windows Optimizer & Memory Tweak:

ErrorFix Review

As with any good registry repair cleaner, ErrorFix has its own "Backup & Restore" utility which allows you to make no mistakes with your scans. If you delete the wrong file by accident, you can easily restore a backup with the click of a button.

ErrorFix Review

The ErrorFix registry cleaner download also has many features which the typical registry cleaner would not have. As can be seen above, a "disk defragmenter" takes files that are scattered around your computer's hard drive and then puts them all back into order - speeding up your machine.

This is also coupled with an Internet optimizer, which basically takes your internet connection and tries to improve its speed. This is a great addition to the registry cleaner that many other companies simply haven't thought of:

ErrorFix Review

As you can see, ErrorFix is a terribly simple and effective tool which you can deploy on any PC. It's slick design can help even the most novice of computer users to easily stop errors... and can give the experts among us the tool to optimize our machines.

What It Claims To Do

According to the ErrorFix registry cleaner web site, you can achieve a lot out of using this registry tool. Here's some of what you can do:

  • Clean your registry and fix the problems that cause errors.
  • Organize and remove startup programs that make your computer slow to start up.
  • Remove detected registry errors manually or automatically.
  • Increase your PC's Boot up speed by up to 70 percent!
  • Update Critical Microsoft® Windows™ components as well as popular software such as Java™, Javascript™, Adobe®, Internet Explorer™, and others.
  • Back up your Registry automatically and securely.
  • Clean out junk data, redundant files, invalid shortcuts and outdated help files.
  • Rectify Runtime Errors and Windows Startup Errors.
  • Excise Corrupted DLL files.
  • Eliminate IExplorer Errors.
  • Correct File Path Errors and "Item Cannot be Found" Errors.

What It Actually Does

Using ErrorFix is like using a combine harvester to cut grass. The power of this registry cleaner is unrivalled - with a multitude of various features, it can easily and quickly remove any error from your computer.

On top of that, the inbuilt optimization features make this registry cleaner tool one of the more effective, because it straightens out the registry completely. It makes sure your computer is perfectly optimized by using one of the largest arrays of "checking points" in the market.

The support seems to be great (fast response times with step-by-step answers) and the product itself appears to be extremely powerful. Our tests machines were totally cleaned from using it.


ErrorFix is okay but nothing too special.

Mainly because it's a total copy of the company's other product (RegTool), we only awarded this registry cleaner 3 stars. Its overall performance and ability to optimize a computer is unquestioned, but the similarity to another product on the market leaves us with a lot of questions.

Having said that, if you specifically want to remove errors from your computing experience, this tool is definitely the one for you. Not only will it speed up your PC, but it will clean out all the corruption that might have been left behind from some dodgy program uninstall's, etc.