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RegAce Review -
An In-Depth Look

RegAce Screenshot

Best Registry Cleaner!RegAce is our top pick registry cleaner for a number of reasons - but most importantly because it is extremely powerful and easy to use.

Big bold buttons and a simple-to-understand interface allow even the biggest computer novice to clean up all the problems on their registry without fearing of ruining their computer.

We love the way that RegAce has stuck it's head out from the crowd to become a totally unique & extremely powerful registry cleaner... So let's take a look at why it's so good:

RegAce At A Glance

RegAce Registry Cleaner

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RegAce Review


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RegAce: First Impressions

With a simple, yet surprisingly elegant design, RegAce appears to be as simple as it is powerful. Unlike many of the other registry cleaners we've reviewed, RegAce actually looks like it's been developed for ease-of-use over attractive design. Either way, it should please both the beginner and experienced user...

The RegAce home screen is also incredibly simple, showing you the first step of getting your computer clean. Although this screen is pretty typical of most registry cleaners, the simple buttons and uncluttered screen makes RegAce a lot easier to use. But let's see if it can live up to it's looks...

RegAce Screenshot

If we just stick with the scanning feature to start with, you can see below that the second step of the cleaning process is simply where RegAce cleans through all the parts of your system that you choose. Again, a simple yet effective design shows you exactly what's going on, without all the clutter and garbage that other registry cleaners give you.

RegAce Scanning Screen

Once the scan has been completed, you'll actually be presented with a "results" screen. This gives you an in-depth review of exactly what problems the RegAce registry software has found on your machine. This is a very helpful feature, because it means that you can easily see all of the problems the scanner has found, giving you an idea of how much faster it will make your computer.

RegAce Scanning Screen

Once you've cleaned out all the problems you want (and the number will surprise you), you are then presented with an overall statistics table, showing you exactly how many problems RegAce registry cleaner has cleared from your PC. This table shows all the problems that have been cured over the period you've been using RegAce, and is a great way to see how many files it's cured in the registry.

RegAce Scanning Screen

RegAce registry cleaner enables you to go through the errors and select the ones you want to delete. You may also click on the plus (+) sign of each error to select the category of errors you want to repair and then go through all reported errors.

The RegAce registry cleaner, like most other registry cleaners, allows you to "ignore", or disregard any of the problems it finds. After you click on "Fix Errors", you are presented with a results screen which shows you exactly how much your system has been improved by:


After the scan has been completed, you can see exactly how many errors have been cleaned, allowing you to rest assured that your registry is optimized. However, there is another feature which gives you even more control over how well your registry is running. RegAce's "backup & restore" facility allows you to back up your entire registry before you do anything to it. This means that you could fix ALL the errors that RegCure finds, without having to worry about it ruining your PC.

RegAce Backup

RegAce registry cleaner creates a separate backup file each time you use the tool to repair registry errors. In order to restore the backup, you may choose to restore one or more than one backup file at a time. As shown in the screenshot, select the checkbox or checkboxes of the backup files you want to restore and then click the Restore button to revert the changes made by RegAce to the registry during the registry repair process.

On top of that, you can also select which programs you want to start with Windows. This is also a great way to speed up your computer, because the less programs you have starting up with Windows, means the more system resources are free, speeding up the boot up process. As can be seen below, the RegAce registry cleaner has a built-in feature to allow you to control exactly which programs are launched at boot:

RegAce Startup Manager

Some more useful features can also be found in the settings area of RegAce. These features allow you to make RegAce more self-sufficient, by allowing it to update itself, or even automatically repair your registry.

However, there's an even more important setting in this section, with hardly any other registry cleaner has. The "Create A System Restore Point" setting has proven to be one of the most effective features of RegCure, simply because it creates an entire backup of your system before touching the registry. This means that you can delete as many files as you want, without the fear of any programs stopping working, because you have an image of your PC before the scan & repair. You can see these settings below:

RegAce Settings

Finally, another effective feature of the RegAce registry tool is the "scheduled maintenance" feature. This feature actually allows you to set a date and time for the cleaner to work automatically, removing any need for you to remember to run it! This is a great time saver, and also a good way to keep your computer continually optimized.

RegAce Schedule

All in all, the first impressions of the RegAce registry tool point to a robust and professional tool, which is extremely powerful. Not only does it appear to have some effective features, but it's also been designed to give any user (beginner or expert) the best experience possible.

From appearances alone, we'd say that RegAce is perfect for anyone who wants to clean their registry. It gives you an easy to use design with some incredibly powerful features to make your registry squeaky clean... but is it the best?

What It Claims To Do

RegAce's site is one of the more informative of the other registry cleaners we've reviewed. Apart from detailing exactly how the software works, it also explains what it can fix on your system, including how it fixes these errors:

  • Windows Installer Errors
  • ActiveX Errors
  • ActiveX Control problems
  • Windows Startup Errors
  • Windows Explorer Errors
  • Windows Media player Errors
  • l sass.exe , svchost.exe &other exe Errors
  • Windows Operating System Problems
  • Registry Errors
  • DLL Errors
  • Runtime Errors
  • IExplore and System32 Errors
  • System Crashes
  • Slow PC Performance
  • Chkdsk Issues
  • Computer Freezing
  • Internet Explorer Errors
  • Javascript Errors
  • Dr Watson Errors
  • Hardware Malfunction
  • Blue Screen
  • Vista, XP, 2000, 98 and ME Issues

RegAce's claims and promises mimic most of the other registry cleaners, with it being able to speed up your computer and fix any errors that are in there. However, it's got something else up its sleeve...You see, because RegAce was only released in 2009, it's actually been coded to deal with all the latest problems that will affect the registry, which means that it could actually be the most powerful registry cleaner on the market...

However, all these claims are worthless unless RegAce can step up to the mark and fix your computer. So let's put all the hype aside and find out exactly how RegAce can help your PC...

What It Actually Does

Having tested RegAce on our own computers, it's safe to say that it's actually one of the most powerful registry cleaners out there. Not only is the user interface (design) incredibly easy-to-use, but the unique features of this tool make it a highly effective registry cleaner.

We found that our test computer (which was deliberately 'infected' with bad registry codes), actually went a lot faster with RegAce, that it did with any other leading registry cleaner. This was not just because of the effectiveness of the registry scanner, but because of the other components this registry tool brought to the table, such as the Startup manager and Backup facility.

The customer service for this registry cleaner is very good, with fast, complete responses to all of our queries. And you receive free updates to the software, as soon as they are published.


RegAce DownloadRegAce is the best registry cleaner we've used.

Even though it's pretty new, compared to the likes of RegCure and Registry Easy, RegAce is actually one of the most powerful and adaptive cleaners we've ever used. It's simple design and powerful features allow it to clean out more problems from your computer than we've been able to get from other cleaners. You'll be surprised at how effective it actually is.