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RegGenie Review -
An In-Depth Look

RegGenie Registry Cleaner Review - Does It Really Work?

One of the least known registry cleaners on the Internet,we consider RegGenie to be a "hidden gem".

It's powerful enough to clean your entire computer of problems and simple enough to help anyone optimize their PC with ease.

So with that in mind, let's take an in depth look at Reg Genie:

RegGenie At A Glance

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RegGenie Review


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RegGenie: First Impressions

With one of the most attractive designs of all the registry cleaners we've reviewed, RegGenie definitely makes cleaning your registry a fun experience, for beginners and experts alike. But is it just a pretty face? Let's see...

The RegGenie home screen is designed much the same as other registry cleaners. It helps you get straight into the action, by presenting a selection of options for you to choose from, followed by the ominous "Start Scan" button.

RegGenie Screenshot

If we just take the scanning feature to start with, you can see below that it still retains its graphical interface when you start scanning. Our tests showed us that the scan itself completed in an average speed (around 5 minutes to cover all our test computer's files). This is great, considering all the different types of problems that RegGenie scans.

RegGenie Screenshot

Once the scan has been completed, you'll actually be presented with a "results" screen. This gives you an in-depth review of exactly what problems the RegGenie registry software has found on your machine. This is a very helpful feature, because it means that you can easily see all of the problems the scanner has found, giving you an idea of how much faster it will make your computer.

RegGenie Screenshot

Once you've cleaned out all the problems you want (and the number will surprise you), you are then presented with an overall statistics table, showing you exactly how many problems RegGenie registry cleaner has cleared from your PC. This table shows all the problems that have been cured over the period you've been using RegGenie, and is a great way to see how many files it's cured in the registry.

RegGenie Screenshot

One of the more impressive features of the RegGenie registry cleaner is it's SafeScan feature.This feature is incredibly important, and is unique to RegGenie. It's important because it means that any registry modification can be reversed, acting as a safety net to prevent any irreversible damage with your computer.

Some of the lowest quality registry cleaners don't have this feature, and if they delete a critical system file, that can easily turn your PC into a giant paperweight. It's good to know that the creators of RegGenie have done all they can to combat this, which is one of hte reasons why we gave this system 5 stars.

RegGenie Screenshot

In the screenshot above, you can see the actual "System Restore Point" that the RegGenie SafeScan feature creates. These restore points are what Windows creates, to protect it from any damage... and is a guaranteed way to get your system working again if something does go wrong. It's a top class feature, which could save your PC from a lot of trouble.

In addition to creating a system restore point, the RegGenie Safe Scan feature also creates a Safe Scan registry backup. If you are not satisfied with the registry repair you can use this backup to restore your registry to what it was before the scan.

A separate backup file is created every time you clean your registry using RegGenie. If required, you may choose to restore one or more backup files at the same time. To restore, select the desired checkbox or checkboxes and then click the Restore button.

After the restore, the selected backup is removed from the list. In case you want to manually remove one or more backups, select them and then click the Delete button.

RegGenie Screenshot

Another innovative feature from RegGenie is the "Registry Defragmentation" feature. This tool works by putting all your registry. files into a neat and systematic order, which actually speeds Windows up a lot in itself. It's a great feature which acts like the "icing on the cake" to a good registry cleaner.

RegGenie Screenshot

All in all, the first impressions of the RegGenie registry cleaner point to an innovative and professional tool, which is extremely powerful. Not only does it have some unique features, but it's also been designed around giving the user the best quality possible, which is so important in a registry cleaner.

What It Claims To Do

RegGenie's site is much like the other registry cleaners on the Internet. It explains how the cleaner is 100% safe (verified from two different download sites, of course)... and how it cleans all these types of problems:

  • Missing file associations
  • Missing startup programs
  • Invalid device drivers
  • Invalid application paths
  • Missing help files
  • Corrupt registry files
  • EXE Errors
  • Application Errors
  • DLL Errors
  • Runtime Errors
  • ActiveX Errors
  • Windows Installer Errors
  • Internet Browser Errors
  • Blue Screen Errors
  • Windows Explorer Errors

These type of claims are typical of most registry cleaners out there, except for one of the above file types. Invalid device drivers are not only annoying, but can also cause havoc with your computer. This is actually the first registry cleaner we've seen, which actually cleans this part of your computer.

RegGenie's ability to fix device drivers makes it an incredibly powerful tool, which actually does a lot more than what you might expect... but is it just a bunch of sky-high expectations built on hype? Let's find out the truth...

What It Actually Does

Having tested RegGenie on our own computers, it's safe to say that it's actually one of the most powerful registry cleaners out there. Not only is the user interface (design) incredibly intricate, but the unique features of this tool make it a highly effective registry cleaner.

We found that our test computer (which was directly 'infected' with bad registry codes), actually went a lot faster with RegGenie, that it did with any other leading registry cleaner. This was not just because of the effectiveness of the registry scanner, but because of the other components this registry tool brought to the table.

The customer service for this registry cleaner is very good, with fast, complete responses to all of our queries. And you receive free updates to the software, as soon as they are published.


RegGenie is probably one of the most powerful and effective registry cleaners on the Internet.

Many of our readers use the most popular registry cleaners, such as RegCure, but find they actually don't have the impact they were hoping for (don't speed their computer up enough). RegGenie is different. When used correctly, it actually speeds your computer up a lot more than many of its competitors, making it a more effective registry cleaner overall. Being relatively new, it's still got some room to grow, but it's definitely heading in the right direction, that's for sure.