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Registry Fix Review -
Does Registry Fix Tool Really Work?

Registry Fix Registry Cleaner ReviewMillions of people rely on the Registry Fix tool to fix their PC of any worries... but we need to know if it's all that it's cracked up to be.

It's meant to cure your computer of a shopping-list of problems but with it being so popular, we want to see if the claims match the reality.

So with that in mind, let's see if Registry Fix really works:

Registry Fix At A Glance

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Registry Fix Review


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Registry Fix - First Impressions

With a very basic interface and layout, Registry Fix is definitely suited to the more novice of users. And unlike many of its competitors, this registry cleaner is one which does not have the features to back up it's basic appearance.

Here are some screen shots of the Registry Fix tool:

Registry Fix Tool Review - Registry Fix Review

When you first load the Registry Fix tool, you are presented with this screen. Not only does this show you exactly what to do next, but it also allows you select options and parameters for each search.

Many other registry cleaners take you through a sequential process and leave this section at step 2... however, this program has put it all on the start menu.

Registry Fix Tool Review - Registry Fix Review

By clicking on "Scan Now", you are taken straight to this screen. This shows clearly how the registry cleaner tool is scanning through your computer to help you clean up your registry.

Registry Fix Tool Review - Registry Fix Review

Once the scan has commenced, you are then given the choice of which programs and problems you whish to correct. The Registry Fix tool allows you to have complete control over the scan BUT it is a very "manual" process indeed.

Registry Fix Tool Review - Registry Fix Review

Having said that, the registry cleaner tool also allows you to create a backup of your registry which means that you can do what you like to it with the fail-safe that you can rely on your backup if anything should go wrong.

What It Claims To Do

Registry Fix registry cleaner claims to be able to fix the following issues with your PC:

  • Missing file associations
  • Missing startup program
  • Invalid device drivers
  • Invalid application paths
  • Missing DLL files
  • Missing help files
  • Missing system fonts

This is typical of most registry cleaner tools and from our tests, it appears that it's true to its word. However, the system is rather basic.

What It Actually Does

The Registry Fix tool is a basic but robust registry cleaner which optimizes your computer's registry. It's no non-sense approach to fixing your computer allows you to set-it-and-forget-it.

Unlike many other registry cleaner tools, this one can easily and quickly help you speed up your computer without a bunch of bells and whistles which don't mean anything.

Customer support seems to be very good and this version of the product does work with Windows Vista (which is great).


If your computer is really struggling and you need a solution fast, the Registry Fix tool is definitely for you. However, if you just want to speed up your PC, there are several other options which will be more beneficial to your situation.

Most notably, RegCure and RegGenie both have features which control your registry's integrity and software compatibility to ensure that your computer is running at the peak of optimization.

Registry Fix tool does not have any of these added features, which leaves the tool to be an "average solution" for people who just need to get their registry straightened out.