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RegTool Review - Will It Help You?

RegTool Review - Review Of RegTool Registry CleanerOne of the more flamboyant registry cleaners, RegTool is widely known for it's flashy design and powerful features.

But when push comes to shove, will this registry tool really end up helping you or will it turn out to be a flashy waste of space?

Let's see if RegTool registry cleaner can help you:

RegTool At A Glance

RegTool Review - Review Of RegTool Registry Cleaner

Ease Of Use RegTool Review
Speeds Up PC RegTool Review
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Our Overall Rating:

RegTool Review


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RegTool Review - First Impressions

With design and functionality that a true boffin would admire, as well as simplicity that allows anyone to use it effectively, RegTool registry cleaner is definitely a product that does what it says on the tin.

After you download, install and start RegTool for the first time, you will be presented with this screen:

RegTool Review - Review Of RegTool Registry Cleaner

As like many of the leading registry cleaner tools, RegTool actually presents a startup screen that acts as a "dashboard". It provides access to all of the registry tool's features and allows you to easily customize the scanning capabilities.

Unlike many of its competitors, however, the RegTool registry cleaner actually presents you with a lot of other options to help speed up your PC... As you can see below, this registry tool has features such as Backup & Restore, Windows Optimizer & Memory Tweak:

RegTool Review - Review Of RegTool Registry Cleaner

As with most of the leading registry cleaners, RegTool actually has a backup facility which allows you to easily and quickly make sure that you don't lose any data. This is great because it gives you a safety-net type of system which you can fall back on.

RegTool Review - Review Of RegTool Registry Cleaner

The RegTool registry cleaner download also has an "Optimizer" section which we have not seen before. It basically takes many of the common "hiccups" that grow in the Windows system and corrects them for you.

As you can see below, this section is very extensive and is one of the best aspects of this system:

RegTool Review - Review Of RegTool Registry Cleaner

The simplicity and effectiveness of this registry cleaner system is fluent throughout - allowing users to clean their computer even if they only know how to turn it on.

RegTool Review - Review Of RegTool Registry Cleaner

As demonstrated above, you have full control and flexibility with RegTool, allowing you to quickly and easily fix any errors that your computer might have... and more. The great thing about this system is that it actually does a lot more than just the bare minimum, allowing you to increase your computer's effectiveness even further!

What It Claims To Do

The RegTool registry cleaner claims to be able to fix the following issues with your PC. Taken directly from the RegTool site, here is a list of what it can apparently do:

  • Registry Cleaner
  • Microsoft™ Updates (New!)
  • Driver Updates (New!)
  • Evidence Cleaner (New!)
  • Internet Optimizer (New!)
  • Smart Disk Defrag (New!)
  • IE Manager with IE Restore
  • High-performance scan
  • Junk File Remover
  • Fix Invalid User Settings
  • Calibrated scan engines
  • Junk File Cleaner
  • Fix Invalid System Settings
  • Fix Invalid File Associations
  • Fix Invalid Application Paths
  • Fix Invalid Shortcuts
  • Fix Invalid Class Keys
  • BHO Manager Tool
  • Protect your Privacy
  • & Protect your Identity
  • Full Registry Backup Utility
  • Block Bad Active-X objects
  • Register Good Active-X
  • Manage Onboard Programs
  • Make system Restore points
  • Control Program Shortcuts
  • Make Windows Load Faster
  • Make Apps Run Smoothly
  • Manage Recently Used Files
  • Validate Startup Programs
  • Validate OLE & COM Objects
  • Validate Active-X Objects
  • Check Uninstall Sections
  • Rectify Invalid Fonts
  • Manage Shared DLLs
  • Control Start Menu Items
  • Control Recently Used Files
  • Fix Empty Registry Keys
  • Coordinate System Services
  • Organize Startup Items
  • Tweak System Memory
  • Prevent Program Crashes
  • Regain Wasted Disk Space
  • Easy Error Removal – Manual or Automatic
  • Prevent PC Freezing
  • & Prevent System crashes
  • Now With Unlimited Free Tech Support
  • And Automatic Updates

This is typical of most registry cleaner tools and from our tests, it appears that it's true to its word. However, the system is rather basic.

What It Actually Does

Having downloaded and tested out RegTool for ourselves, we can say that it is a powerful registry cleaner which gives you a lot of options for improving your computer's performance.

With a simple and easy-to-use display, and a roster of incredibly powerful features, you just need to click a few buttons and you will be able to clean your registry and many other aspects of your computer without worry.

Coupled with the backup & restore feature, you can be sure that what you're going to not do any damage to your PC. Instead, you can use this registry cleaner tool to improve its performance.

Support and updates are included for free with your purchase, and from our experience - any query is answered courteously and quickly.


RegTool is definitely one of the "hidden gems" of the web.

Not only does it guide you through a seamless process to repair and mend your registry, but it also allows you to optimize your computer through other means.

Features such as the "Memory Tweak" and "Smart Defragmenter" allow you to optimize other aspects of your PC from a single program. We highly recommend this registry cleaner.