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How To Fix Windows System Freezes

Windows System Freezes are common for many computers around the World. A "freeze" is typically when your computer cannot process the files & settings it requires to run, preventing it from being able to perform the tasks you require. Although there are a number of different reasons why Windows will crash, the good news is that you can fix the problem very easily by using the steps outlined in this tutorial.

We're going to cover why crashes occur in Windows and then specifically how to fix the problem you're seeing. We recommend trying a registry cleaner to see how many possible errors your system may have causing the freezes before trying our other repair tutorial below:

What Is A Windows Freeze?

Windows "freezes" are basically when your computer just stops working. It will either restart or just show you the screen you have, preventing it from being able to run correctly. If you're seeing this problem, it's vital that you're able to repair the various problems that could be leading the issue to occur.

A computer freeze is different than a crash in that a "freeze" will just basically make your computer hang in an indefinite processing loop, whilst a crash will turn your PC off or will just stop it working altogether. Crashes are generally caused by errors with the software of your PC, or with particular files that Windows uses to run. Freezes can be caused by much more subtle problems, and will then prevent you from being able to complete your tasks, as well as stopping your system from being able to load up properly.

Why Does Windows 'Freeze'?

Windows computers freeze for a number of reasons. The basic problem is that your system cannot process the settings & options it requires to run, leading it to just stop working. However, there are other issues including the likes of having registry errors, damaged hardware or incomplete drivers on your system.

Here are some common causes:

  • Windows cannot read its "system files"
  • Your PC has some sort of errors with the "registry database"
  • Your software is corrupted or damaged
  • Your PC has incorrect drivers causing conflict on your system

How To Stop Windows From Freezing

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A Tool To Stop Windows Freezes For Good

There's a tool which fixes Windows errors automatically. It's called a "registry cleaner" and it's able to make your PC run like new again. You can download it for free and scan here:

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Windows computers generally freeze for a specific number of reasons. This is great news, because it means that you can just browse through these problems and then fix them one by one. Here's what you need to do:

1) Update Your Windows System

It's often the case that Windows will have a setting or feature that is out of date or conflicting with a new piece of software. Microsoft knows this is a problem and as a result they continually update the Windows system to help protect against any of the "out of date" problems that many Windows users see.

You can update Windows by either browsing to the Microsoft Updates website or by clicking onto "Start > All Programs > Windows Update" to get all the latest upgrades for your PC.

2) Reintsall Any Software Causing The Freezes

If you're seeing specific software causing a problem for your computer, then you should look to reinstall it. Software programs have a habit of either becoming damaged or corrupted, preventing many Windows computers from being able to use them correctly. To ensure this problem is not causing the problem on your PC, it's recommended you reinstall any programs which continually cause the freeze by clicking onto "Start > Control Panel > Add / Remove Programs" and then getting rid of the application.

3) Ensure You Have All The Correct Drivers On Your PC

Drivers are the software programs which all Windows systems use to correctly communicate with their hardware components. Although Windows has its own diverse library of drivers which are continually used to help run your system, it's often the case that your PC will either install the incorrect driver or will have somehow damaged the driver your system is trying to use.

You need to make sure that all the drivers on your PC are correct, you can click onto Start > Control Panel > Device Manager and then repair any of the damaged drivers which will show up with a Yellow Exclamation mark.

4) Use A "Registry Cleaner Program

Using a registry cleaner to stop Windows freezing is actually one of the most beneficial things you can do. Registry cleaners are designed to scan through the registry database of your computer and repair any of the errors that are inside. The registry database is a highly important part of the Windows system because it's where your PC will keep all the files, settings and options which it requires to run - allowing your computer to continually recall such important settings as your desktop wallpaper and even your most recent emails.

Unfortunately, the registry is continually causing a huge amount of problems for Windows computers because of the way it's continually being damaged and corrupted. This often causes freezes because Windows relies on the registry to actually run... meaning that if you are still seeing freeze problem on your system, it's recommended that you download and run a registry cleaner to fix the errors your PC may have.

Recommended Fix

We highly recommend using a registry cleaner to fix any potential errors which are causing your system to freeze. To do this, you should download a reliable registry cleaner tool, install it and let it run on your PC. We've found that this program is the most effective at fixing problems on Windows:

- Frontline Registry Cleaner

This best registry cleaner tool is extremely effective on all versions of Windows. It has a host of powerful & unique features, works extremely well to fix most computers. Frontline is is our top pick registry cleaning program. Here's a screenshot for your convenience:

Frontline Registry Cleaner Screenshot

We awarded this registry cleaner 5 stars because of its ease of use and efficiency. It will definitely clean up your Windows Vista registry because it's our best Registry Cleaner tool. You can read our full review here.

What's The Best Registry Cleaner?

Although there are many registry cleaner tools online, there are only a select few which stand out as winners. These are the ones which not only give you the easiest interfaces to use AND the ones which have enough features to actually get your computer up to speed.

Having reviewed many of the leading registry cleaners, we have found an outstanding winner will will help you to clean your computer:

Frontline Registry Cleaner Is Our Top Pick

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