Google Redirect Virus Removal – How To Get Rid Of This Virus For Good From Your PC

The Google Redirect Virus is another malware created by hackers intended to trick PC users into visiting malicious websites and convince them to purchase fake programs and products.  The virus works by hijacking Google search results before sending your computer into malicious websites that are a part of this elaborate scam.  This virus infection can be very annoying as it will cause heavy disruption to your computer use.  This virus is hard to remove because unlike typical viruses, it does not leave any trace in your computer. It can be removed by using a powerful anti-malware program.

Our recommended Google Redirect Virus removal tool:

Google Redirect Virus

We highly recommend the “FixRedirectVirus” application to remove the Google Redirect Virus from your PC. This new program has been designed by professionals to help you get rid of all the parts of the virus from your PC for good – a working tool which is able to really get rid of the virus that continually redirects your search engine results.

What Is The Google Redirect Virus?

The Google Redirect Virus is a creation of a group of professional hackers with criminal intent who seek to con you out of your hard-earned money through their ingenious scam.  This virus can be a huge problem for your computer, as it has the capability to change some of the settings of your PC, which can be potentially dangerous. You need to be able to get rid of the virus from your system in order to use the Google search engine without the annoying redirections and be able to visit the intended sites you want. Remove Google Redirect by following the steps outlined below:

How To Remove The Google Redirect Virus

Step 1 – Download & Run “Hitman Pro”

To get rid of the redirect virus, you need to change back the settings and Windows files that had been altered by the virus.  This process cannot be performed by a typical antivirus program.  You need a special kind of software to complete the task.

You need to download and install Hitman Pro to get rid of the virus entirely.  This software uses extensive behavioural analysis and “cloud computing” for detecting and removing the various threats in your PC that includes adware, malware, spyware, Trojans, worms and viruses.  The Hitman Pro version 3 uses Emsisoft Anti-Malware, Dr Web, G Data AntiVirus and Prevx programs that are all part of the scan cloud in the Internet.  This program can effectively differentiate malicious software in your system and can detect the Google Redirect virus accurately and remove all parts of it to prevent the infection from returning.

Step 2 – Use A Registry Cleaner

The “registry” can potentially be a big source of problems with lots of registry entries becoming damaged or corrupted.  The registry is a large central database where Windows stores all settings for programs and files.  Windows uses the different settings to remember how to load the files and programs and enable them to run properly.  Despite playing a very important role, the registry keeps on experiencing problems as a result of the way the computer saves registry keys.  The Google Redirect virus can also change values of registry keys.  You need to repair registry errors by using a “registry cleaner” that can thoroughly scan your Windows registry and automatically fix errors found inside.

Highly Recommended

We highly recommend that you use “FixRedirectVirus” program to clean your registry from infected or damaged registry keys.  The website provides all the information you need in removing this search redirect virus from your registry.

Our highly recommended cleaning tool that has been specifically designed to get rid of the Google Redirect Virus for good.