How To Fix SteamInstall.msi Error (1316 Error)

Steam is a popular online game platform that allows the millions of followers to gain access to over 1,100 games inside its community, allowing users to interact with each other within the cyber gaming world.  The installation of Steam commonly encounters errors, such as the SteamInstall.msi error, which can be very frustrating for users who want to install the platform.  The problem shows up when Windows encounters a problematic file or setting that prevents the installation from continuing.  You need to resolve the issues surrounding the SteamInstall.msi error in order to perform a successful installation of the program.  This tutorial can help you fix the problem.

What Causes SteamInstall.msi Errors?

The error usually surfaces when Windows is unable to process the Steam installer properly.  Your computer might have an outdated Windows Installer program that prevents the installation of Steam from finishing. Otherwise, this problem might be due to damage inside the registry.  You need perform a series of repair steps to resolve the problem – read on to find out how to do that.

How To Fix SteamInstall.msi Errors

Step 1 – Make Sure You Have The Latest Version Of Windows Installer

The first thing that you need to do to resolve the problem is ensure that you have the latest version of Windows Installer in your PC.  You can download the latest Windows Installer from the Microsoft website or through this link.  The Microsoft Windows Installer or MSI is the service that handles all your application installations and configurations.  Currently, the latest version is labelled as 4.5 redistributable.

Step 2 – Use The “Windows Installer Cleanup Utility”

The error can be caused by a previously incomplete installation of Steam.  To fix the problem, run Windows Installer Cleanup Utility to remove the Steam installation files.  You can download Windows Installer Cleanup Utility from here.  Follow these directions after you have installed it onto your system:

  1. Click Start > Windows Installer Cleanup Utility
  2. Select Steam from the list.
  3. Click Remove and then click OK.
  4. Restart your computer.
  5. Once Windows resumes, re-install Steam by using the Steam installer

Step 3 – Clean Out The Registry

The registry in your PC is a large database that Windows use to store configuration settings for programs installed on your computer. While it’s obviously an essential component, it is not without problems, due to its sensitive composition, and when problems occur here it can lead to all sorts of errors. The problem is that the registry often gets corrupted settings inside it, and when that happens you will need to clear these up. You can manually repair the registry, but this is not advisable for inexperienced users as it is dangerous for your system and can be quite a daunting process that involves knowing the right registry keys and the appropriate values for each key.  More advisable is to use a “registry cleaner” application to automatically repair broken registry keys.  We highly recommend that you download and install this tool for it has been proven to remove 99% of errors and correct system faults enabling your PC to run fast again.