How To Resolve “Physical Memory Dump” Blue Screen Errors

The Physical Memory Dump error is a problem that involves the transfer of the “working” memory of your PC to your hard drive as a response to a problem in your computer. Although it may look harmless and even helpful, the problem starts when Windows loads up again when you restart your PC. When this happens, all of the transferred files will be wiped out. Physical Memory Dump will show as a blue screen error and your screen will be frozen up.

What causes The Physical Memory Dump Error?

This blue screen error is generally caused by two factors. One is when you have compatibility issues between a particular hardware device and your computer. The other known cause is your computer’s failure to manage a certain software issue. To fix this problem, you first need to ensure that you don’t have any hardware problems on your PC, and then that your system is able to properly read all the settings & options that it requires to run.

How To Fix Physical Memory Dump Errors

Step 1 – Remove Any Newly Installed Hardware From Your System

In many cases this error is caused by compatibility issues between your computer and a newly installed hardware device. This issue can be resolved by removing the guilty hardware from your PC.

  • Click on Start on the Windows Bar
  • Choose Control Panel then select Performance and Maintenance, followed by System.
  • Click on the Hardware button then select Device Manager.
  • Click on Run then type ‘devmgmt.msc’ on the field that is labelled Open.
  • Confirm by clicking on OK.
  • Right click on the hardware device that you want to remove.
  • Choose the Uninstall option.
  • Confirm by clicking on the OK tab.
  • Shutdown your computer then manually remove the hardware device from your PC.

Step 2 – Re-Install Any Programs Causing The Error To Show

Another reason as to why you would have this error showing up on your PC is because programs get damaged or corrupted. To rectify this, you need to remove any suspect programs and install a new or upgraded version of them to your PC.

  • Click on Start on the Windows Bar
  • Choose Control Panel from a list that would be shown
  • Locate the problematic program then afterwards choose the Add/Remove Programs option
  • Reinstall the program on your system a new or updated copy of the program that you have just removed.

Step 3 – Clean Out The Registry

Another sector in your system that is known to generate errors like the Physical Memory Dump error is the registry. The registry is perennially busy, as it is used constantly by Windows to access processing information whenever it attempts to load an application.

The main function of the PC’s regsistry is the storage and safekeeping of all settings and files that Windows uses for these processing operations. However, the registry is inefficiently designed, and heavy use of this sector often renders certain file settings damaged or corrupted, which means Windows can’t read them properly. In such cases, your computer will not be able to run as fast as it should and programs will not be read correctly, ultimately leading to annoying errors such as the Physical Memory Dump Error. To fix problems in your registry, you need to use a registry cleaner, which is a program that is specially designed to scan and fix errors in this sector of your PC.

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